We understand that there are many individual professionals out there who have gear they want to make some additional side cash on when not in use, and if you don’t have that much gear, no one wants to rent from you directly renters want to get everything from one place to avoid driving all over town.

That’s where we come in.

Our name and online visibility provides an expansive inventory at a single location with flexible pickup and return hours including an after hours drop box to rent gear on their own schedule.  Since our inception, we learned what renters want… All of the quality, professional name-brand gear at amazing prices with exceptional customer service at 1 location.

Provide Equipment List

Upload or email the list of up to 20 items you want to sub-rent with gear under 100k.

Submit Gear Photos

Provide or take photos to attach to each listing

Ser Market Price

Let us know the costs to replace and rent your item(s).

Approve Each Rental Requests

We forward you the rental requests and you decide if you want to accept it.

Drop Off 24 Hours Prior to rental

Drop off your gear after an approved rental request up to 24 hours prior to the rental at our west hills location.

Pickup when returned

You may chose to have us store your gear until the next rental or pickup when the gear is returned.


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How does it work?

We offer 2 options.

  1. Drop off the gear you want us to rent out for you to LA Film Rentals.

We’ll take photos and inventory and tag your equipment and apply LA Film Rentals stickers and tags to your cases. You can easily remove if desired.

  1. If you live within 5 miles of us, we will contact you to drop off the gear a day before the rental, and pick up after the equipment is returned. 

Provide us with a full inventory list including accessories, cables, cases, and photos of all items included with the equipment or package you want us to offer for rental.

How much will I make?

Our listed prices are based on local market pricing on sharegrid.com and we offer a 70% to you / 30% to us profit share for each rental. If we price it lower than anyone else, your rentals will increase. If the price is higher than average, your item may not rent at all. It’s all about price. You may choose what you want to charge for the rental, or let us do the work and make sure it gets rented. Some money is better than no money, and multi-day or frequent rentals add up.

What if I need my gear back?

If your equipment has no pending rentals or is not on an active rental, you can  come pick it up at any time and we’ll mark it as not available on our sites until you return it, or let us know if you need to remove it from inventory indefinitely.

Is my the equipment insured?

Absolutely.  Our internal policy covers rental equipment from others. We assume all liability when your equipment is in our care and rented to our renters. We take care of the insurance requirements, vetting and verification of new renters, and marketing of your gear on our sites and profiles and handle the pickup and drop offs with the client for you from our location.

How does LA Film Rentals inform me of a pending rental?

We will forward you the rental request from a rental which may also include some of our equipment. 

Can I say no to a rental or renter?

Absolutely. If you don’t trust a renter, or only want to rent to users on sharegrid and not direct, let us know. It’s your gear, you have a say. However, you may not contact the renter directly. You must communicate to all renters through LA Film Rentals. They are renting from us, not you directly.

Is there a limit to how much or the type of equipment I can drop off for rental?

We only accept photo and video equipment for TV, Film production use. You can drop off up to 20 items at a time, so we recommend your highest profit items. No items over $100k can be accepted at this time. ( Unless you want to pay our insurance increase, which you would make back on a single rental. )

How much will my equipment rent out for?

We search sharegrid and look at the average market rate for the item and price it close or below any local competition.

When do I get paid?

The rental Payments are typically sent to our account 3 business days after the rental has completed.You get paid when we get paid. Once the funds are deposited in our account, we will perform payouts via paypal, apple pay or write you a check. You may also choose to retain credit towards future rentals.

What if something goes wrong or items are missing?

We take inventory and photographic record of every rental on incoming and outgoing and we will get your missing items replaced and damaged items repaired or replaced by the insurance from the renter.

What if I ask the renter to rent directly from me?

We see this as a conflict of interest and we will ask you to pick up your remaining items if any with us and we will no longer offer your equipment to our renters through our rental network.

Can I have my own Sharegrid profile and website?

Of course. If a client initiates contact with you directly, its your client.

Do I get any incentives for renting my gear to LA Film Rental renters?

All of our Rental Partners receive 30% off all of our rental equipment for use in your own productions. You must have your own insurance for rentals from LA Film Rentals.

What multi-day discounts do you offer your renters?

We are the same as ShareGrid. Monday Through Friday = 3 day rental, Weekends count as a 1 Day rental, and pickup and drop off days are free. ie. Renter picks up on friday, uses saturday and or sunday, returns early or on monday before 7 pm.

What if my equipment never gets rented?

We can’t control what our renters will need. If it rents, it rents. if it doesn’t, it doesn’t. We have abstract accessories that only rent out once a year. But it’s better than nothing. 

Can you pickup the gear from my location?

No. We are not staffed to offer this service at this time.

What if my items are not returned on schedule?

We will do our best to coordinate and re-acquire your equipment in a timely manner. Sometimes things happen and we may need to give an extra day for the return.

Will I earn extra money for late returns?

No. That’s not our policy. We give renters an additional 24 hours to return past the return time. We live in LA. Shit happens and traffic sucks. Be reasonable and human, and that’s how you keep renters coming back.

Will I earn additional money if the renter requests to extend the rental?

Absolutely. We will inform you on any relevant communication for the rental.

What if a renter disappears?

Although very rare, it does happen. People are people and some new renters turn out to be either clueless, lazy or criminals. We will do our best to re-acquire the equipment and involve law enforcement as necessary. and if we are unable to get your gear back, we will process an insurance claim for replacement. You will need to provide us with any requested documentation required by the insurance provider and corporate with the insurance company with us. Typically, insurance will not pay the price you paid for the item, rather a depreciated amount based on current market value. When making claims and providing totals, please include tax and shipping to order replacement, or you can have us replace it for you. 

Will I be required to provide a W9 or 1099?

If rentals exceed $600, yes.

Do I get the tax charged for the rentals?

No. That goes to Uncle Sam. Since we are processing the payment or accepting the deposit and have to account for each payment as income on our Tax returns, we are responsible for tax liability for all rentals through our portals.

What if I have questions or special requests?

We will honor questions and special requests within reason on a case per case basis as all requests are unique.

Do I have to have my own insurance?

Its not required but strongly recommended. Sometimes, insurance doesn’t honor requests if the renter disappears or if the policy wasn’t covered for either theft of damage. We rarely have issues, but they do happen from time to time. 

What other benefits can I expect from having LAFR store my gear?

Your items will be eligible for optional instant book and same day rentals.

Can I Approve Instant Book Rentals?

We will forward you the rental, but with instant book enabled, the rental has been automatically approved. We only recommend this option for low cost items. This option is also only available if we store your gear at LAFR.