New Renter Information

You must have Annual Production Rental (Inland Marine) Insurance to Rent directly from LA Film Rentals Website.

If you do not have an Annual Equipment Insurance Policy, please use our ShareGrid Profile to purchase or use your short-term policy at checkout.

LAFR is a Los Angeles-based Film Equipment Rentals Company featuring pro-quality, tested, and well maintained gear.

Renting Requirements:
A valid, federally issued Driver’s License or Passport is required for first time renters or authorized persons for pickup. If your ID is out of state, 2 forms of ID are required to be provided for verification through our third party service.

Annual Production Rental (Inland Marine) Insurance is required for direct rentals on or we also accept a Credit Card Authorization for the full replacement value of the rental item(s) held as a deposit and only charged if items are not returned or returned damaged.

Insurance Requirements:
You must provide proof of annual equipment rental insurance. (Inland Marine)
Please send us a COI to or upload here.

Rental Pricing
1-3 Days = 1 day | 4 days = 2 days | 5 weekdays = 3 days | 6-7 days = 4 days | Weekends count as 1 day (Sat-Sun)

We are located in West Hills in the San Fernando Valley West,
2 miles north of the 101 Freeway and off the Shoup Exit.
Our equipment exchange Locations is
22537 Schoolcraft Street, West Hills, CA 91307 USA

Operation/Pick up/drop off Hours:
24/7/365 via our Secure & Monitored Trailer Lockbox.

Security and your safety:
Our location is littered with cameras and armed police response. You are safe to travel and do transactions in this location with peace of mind. Our location is well lit for easy and safe anytime access and is easily accessible for almost all vehicles. Feel free to pull into our driveway to load-in and load-out.

Please let us know when you plan to pickup and drop off so we may coordinate appropriately. If you lose or break something, please let us know. We won’t be mad. If you don’t return before midnight on the drop off day, you will be billed for additional days until the rental is returned. Failure to communicate with us after the rental return period has elapsed will be considered abandonment and move to recovery. If something happens, please let us know, we’re more understanding than you think, and remember, you’re insured.

Inspection Policy:
All items are inspected before departure and upon return typically within 1-3 days for larger rental returns. A cleaning fee may apply if equipment is returned after being used in harsh environments. If equipment requires repair or replacement, an estimate will be furnished to repair or replace the item(s). Please keep in mind of your insurance deductible, as you will be responsible to out of pocket repair or replacement costs are less than your insurance deductible.

Lost, Missing and Damaged Items:
If item(s) are damaged or not returned, you will be responsible to reimburse for repair or replace the missing item(s) and your credit card provided will be billed for repair or replacement.

Items not ours returned by accident:
We will do our best to notify you when you return something that doesn’t belong to us. We will hold the item in our lost and found for 90 days unless claimed during this time.

Items Automatically Included with your rental
*Stingers (extension cords) are included with all rentals requiring AC power.
**Sand Bags are included with all stand rentals ( Various weights )
***C-Stands are included with some lighting rentals as designated.
***Backpacks, bags or cases are included with your rental to ensure safe transport and use of the rental equipment.


Select Equipment & Dates

Select the items you wish to rent, add to cart after selecting your rental days and checkout to reserve your request. It will send us an email to confirm the item is available. Once you receive the confirmation, you can pay for the rental using the link in the email or under your account options.

step 2

Read & Sign Rental Agreement

You must read, understand and sign and submit the rental agreement online using the form below.



Complete the Credit Card authorization form below which can be used to pay for your rental and covers us for anything not returned or damaged during your rental which would less than your insurance deductible.

step 4

Submit COI

Now, we need you to issue a Certificate of Insurance that shows we’re covered if something happens to our gear while in your possession from your insurance provider. 

Please Note: We only accept annual policies when renting direct from
To use short term policies, please use our sharegrid partner profile to secure insurance at checkout.

Make certificates out to:
LA Film Rentals
22537 Schoolcraft St.
West Hills, CA 91307

You can email or submit the form online.


Upload your ID

All new renters will be required to provide us a digital copy of their drivers license, passport, or military id. If your ID is out of state, another form of ID will be required and must have the same name on it. We also require a selfie with you holding the id. After we receive and verify your ID submission, you will be provided the trailer lockbox code for no-contact anytime pickup and drop off.

Once the above 5 steps are completed and you receive the trailer lockbox code, you’re all set.

If you have any questions during your rental, you may reach out to us via phone at (859) 6LA-FILM
or email at during the hours of 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM PST DAILY.