Matthews Studio Equipment Slider Stands (3)

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  • (2) SKU 19670    Matthews ball Head Mount


The Matthews Studio Equipment 3.8′ The Slider Stand is a strong, wide-based stand with a low working height for those using camera sliders and Speed Rail/Pipe Dolly Systems. Accessories for the stand, like the Baby Ballhead Adapter, Magic Finger, and Stand/Spud Adapter, are available separately.

  • Load Capacity: 80 lb
  • Max. Height: 3.8′
  • Min. Height: 2′
  • Footprint: 3′

The Matthews Baby Ball Head Adapter allows you to mount anything with a female 3/8″-16 threaded base onto a 5/8″ baby pin or 1-1/8″ junior receiver . The Baby Ball Head adapter is constructed as one-piece out of 6061 T-6 Aluminum.

This new adapter will allow the user to mount a ball head or similar accessory to any stand or piece of hardware, be it a mafer clamp, pipe clamp, Matthellini, baby stand, junior stand or one of many other pieces of hardware.

Matthews Studio Equipment Slider Stands (3)
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