Wooden Camera Ultra Arm Mini Monitor Mount (1/4″-20 to 1/4″-20)

From: $5.00

The 1/4″-20 to 1/4″-20 Ultra Arm Mini Monitor Mount from Wooden Camera is a robust and compact articulating arm with 25mm ball joints. Approximately 5″ in length from end to end, the Ultra Arm Mini is designed for keeping a monitor or other accessory close to the camera while providing the full range of ball joint articulation. A lever in the center locks both ball joints, and the mounting points on the ends attach to your gear easily at the turn of integrated tightening knobs. Both ends feature rubber pads for more secure support.

The Ultra Arm system is interchangeable. Wooden Camera offers a variety of optional end points that install into the ball sockets of the arm. These include NATO clamps, NATO rails, shoe mounts, super clamps, and extensions to add between two of these arms. There is even a Preston mounting bracket. Additionally, the system is compatible with many third-party 25mm ball mount systems.