3 Lavs + Boom Package

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    Sound Devices 664 Mixer / Recorder
    1 x Lectrosonics LR Receiver
    1 x Lectrosonics SRc Dual-Channel Receiver
    3 x Lectrosonics LT Beltpack Transmitter
    1 x Lectrosonics 400 Series Rx/Tx
    K-Tek K-152CCR 5-Section Boompole



    2 x Sanken COS-11D Omni Lavalier Mic, Normal
    2 x Sens, Lectrosonics M152/5P – Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone
    Sennheiser MKH-416 Shotgun Microphone
    Neumann KM 185 MT Microphone



    2 x LP90 Switronix Gold Mount Batteries
    Dual Bay Gold Mount Charger Charger
    Remote Audio (BDS) Battery Distribution System



    K-Tek Boom Pole Cradle Support
    Cables and accessories
    Includes transport and field bag with harness

$15,000 Insurance Certificate Required prior to rental

3 Lavs + Boom Package
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